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Multiple test input combinations with jest
·678 words·4 mins
David Simão
Engineering Jest Software Testing
A simple method to generate exhaustive input combinations for test cases while maintaining a healthy and readable test codebase
Engineering Friendly Product Manager
·1216 words·6 mins
David Simão
Engineering Product Management
The rules of engagement in solid partnership with engineering. The do’s and don’ts as seen from a software developer’s perspective.
Creating optimal pull requests
·2101 words·10 mins
David Simão
Engineering Git Pull Requests Software Engineering
An essay on the role of pull requests and their importance in the software development cycle and what strategies can we use to improve them


Surviving at the bottom of the iceberg
·2633 words·13 mins
David Simão
Engineering Technical Debt Scalability Software Engineering
A classic tale of a team that deluded themselves with the mirage of breaking a monolith into shiny new microservices on a limited budget, understaffed and fast-paced environment
The complete software engineer
·2457 words·12 mins
David Simão
Engineering Software Engineering Career
What does it take to excel as a software engineer and what other aspects beyond programming can help us differentiate ?


The journey of a push notification
·980 words·5 mins
David Simão
Engineering Push Notifications Software Engineering
Lessons learned from building a push notification system for a cross-platform mobile application at Truphone