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Error handling with results in Typescript
·902 words·5 mins
David Simão
What are the main takeaways of error handling with result objects and how does it compare to the try-catch idiom? Looking into different approaches and some examples.
Building a simple rules engine in Typescript
·1300 words·7 mins
David Simão
Building a lightweight, general purpose and easy to use rules engine under 30 lines of Typescript. We’ll start with an example use case and build the engine around it.
A new breed of twitter killers
·1604 words·8 mins
David Simão
Brief analysis of the most popular decentralized social network projects. How they work, what are the biggest pros and cons, and what do they offer that differentiates them from industry giants.
2022 crypto year in review
·1562 words·8 mins
David Simão
A digest of 2022’s most impactful events in the crypto and web3 space, including hacks, fraud, bankrupcy, and the latest tech developments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Apes and Kitten in the Music Industry
·2000 words·10 mins
David Simão
Nuno Coração
Technology has disrupted the music industry several times in history, changing the way we consume it, how it’s distributed and even how it’s made. In this article we’ll reflect about the good, the bad, and the ugly facts around NFTs in the music industry
Multiple test input combinations with jest
·670 words·4 mins
David Simão
A simple method to generate exhaustive input combinations for test cases while maintaining a healthy and readable test codebase
Engineering Friendly Product Manager
·1181 words·6 mins
David Simão
The rules of engagement in solid partnership with engineering. The do’s and don’ts as seen from a software developer’s perspective
Self-organizing teams misconception
·763 words·4 mins
David Simão
Reflecting on the common problem of leadership across multiple teams in scale-up organizations
Creating optimal pull requests
·2040 words·10 mins
David Simão
An essay on the role of pull requests and their importance in the software development cycle and what strategies can we use to improve them
Docusaurus vs Gatsby vs Hugo
·2210 words·11 mins
David Simão
A comparison between Docusaurus, Gatsby and Hugo, as blogging frameworks and why I chose to use Hugo for implementing this blog