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Self-organizing teams misconception
Reflecting on the common problem of leadership across multiple teams in scale-up organizations
Creating optimal pull requests
An essay on the role of pull requests and their importance in the software development cycle and what strategies can we use to improve them
Docusaurus vs Gatsby vs Hugo
A comparison between Docusaurus, Gatsby and Hugo, as blogging frameworks and why I chose to use Hugo for implementing this blog


An IPFS adventure
Excited with all the Web3 and self-hosting hype, I’ve set myself on a mission to self-host this blog on a self-hosted IPFS cluster. Here’s what I learned from it
Surviving at the bottom of the iceberg
A classic tale of a team that deluded themselves with the mirage of breaking a monolith into shiny new microservices on a limited budget, understaffed and fast-paced environment
The complete software engineer
What does it take to excel as a software engineer and what other aspects beyond programming can help us differentiate ?
Thoughts on software engineering leadership
An overview of some personal experiences on the engineering leadership track and opinionated advice that derived from them


The journey of a push notification
Lessons learned from building a push notification system for a cross-platform mobile application at Truphone